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An Overview

Each intelligent application works with core data to streamline school tasks and operations.

Tablet App

With fast capture features, educators can record daily student attendance and produce real-time status reports of students. The app uses core data from the portal to present important student information in an easily accessible location.

Parent Portal

The portal provides an easy system that facilitates parent communication and billing decisions. Allows parents to input payments, student information and enroll their children into extra programs or classes.

Administration Portal

Report student data with confidence using the attendance reports produced from the tablet app. With full access to information from both the tablet and parent portal, educators can carry out administrative tasks with ease.

Real-Time Status

Track student’s real-time status throughout their school day. Monitor and manage their attendance through easy to use features with time-stamped attendance updates.

Full Synchronization

Classes and students’ information are easily accessed anytime through our secure system. The app enables synchronization across all tablets for clear and effective communication between educators.


Parent Portal

A simple-to-use portal for parents to cooperate with educators' work.

Simplistic System

Enroll your child into classes and register for school programs or extra-curricular activities with the parent portal’s easy-to-use interface. Developed with parents in mind, the portal makes administrative and billing tasks simpler.

Accessible in One Secure Location

The Parent Portal is accessible anywhere and anytime, so parents can easily update information, pay bills, print statements, and more.

Personal Family Profile

Self-maintain your family profile. Access all of your children’s information in one secure place.

Back-End Administration

Administration Portal

A powerful back-end administration system that captures all the activities occuring on the tablet.

Student Management

Manage student’s attendance all in one place. The portal obtains attendance reports from the data recorded on the app and produces sharable reports.


Nobody wants their child to miss out because of miscommunication. With the portal, parents can make secure online payments towards extra-curricular activities. The straightforward system processes payments and automatically transfers that student to the class roster and the tablet, freeing up valuable educators’ time.


Student activity captured upon the tablet is connected to the billing in the administration portal. This feature removes unnecessary manual tasks performed by educators and allows them to focus their time on caring and teaching.

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